Emelia-Jane is the multi-talented founder and Chief Executive Officer of Accra based firm, Orange Tree Limited. From a very early age she knew she wanted to run her own business. Having left Ghana after A-Levels she studied at Leeds University and gained an Undergraduate Degree in Business and Financial Economics and a Master’s Degree in Economics.  She worked with the Credit Rating Agency, Moody’s Investor Services, for a few years until she decided to return back to Ghana to pursue her childhood dream.


In 2008 Orange Tree Limited was formed initially as an estate agency assisting clients to secure decent premises for residential and commercial purposes. Faced with a shortage of decent properties on the market Emelia-Jane proceeded to acquire run-down properties on long-term lease for renovation and renting them fully furnished to potential tenants. After a few successful projects Emelia-Jane started to also get requests to design the interiors of homes and offices.

Emelia-Jane has embarked on a number of other business ventures including a natural hair and beauty salon Black Cotton based in Accra.


Today the young entrepreneur lives in Accra with husband Felix and four children. Emelia-Jane strives to achieve a life that is balanced between her business interests, the projects and causes she feels passionately about and spending time with her family and friends.